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When I thought of accomplishments, I focused on things, such as graduating from school, landing a high-paying job, organizing an important celebration, or being financially independent – all major events that generally take years to accomplish.

What I often took for granted were the simple triumphs that helped me along the way.

From making my bed every morning and getting good grades to listening to a friend rant and learning a new recipe – I never understood why the term “accomplishment” had to be this grand gesture that people often choose to celebrate much more than the everyday gestures, in the physical and spiritual realms, that bring just as much excitement to get done. They may not always be a direct guide to my professional life, but they’re there guiding me to be the best version of myself that I can be.

I’m extremely thankful for the everyday accomplishments I get to achieve, such as waking up early, making my bed, cooking meals, maintaining hygiene, resting my eyes, drinking about eight glasses of water, eating three meals, studying, and a bunch of other habits that are essential and therapeutic for my personal growth.

I’m also very much thankful for the bigger accomplishments I’ve had in life so far. One that automatically comes to mind and that I’m proud of is my journey to San Francisco.

I’ve had some of my biggest challenges during my stay there. I’ve had moments where I wanted to pack it all up and go back home to my comfort zone.

But, gratefully, my strength and heart were too strong to allow me to do that, and I kept moving forward.

My time in the city has helped me mature drastically as a person.

I gained confidence.

I was fiercely independent.

I made mistakes and was able to get back up even stronger.

I became more in touch with my soul and figured out what I wanted to do in life.

I was inspired; I was motivated; I was determined.

I was just a quiet, island girl who finally found myself in the boisterous city.

An accomplishment for someone may mean the world to them even if it may not be the same for anyone else. And that’s okay. Focus on you. Focus on your journey. Everything you’ve ever experienced in life is to get you to where you are today and is something to be proud of and celebrate.

Big or small, I believe that anything is considered an accomplishment personally for you if you feel even the tiniest bit of happiness after having completed or achieved it.

…and I am eternally grateful for experiencing them.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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