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31 Goals This Christmas Season

It’s beginning to look like a Tropical Christmas this year, and I am all for it.

With only 24 days left until we get to stay in our pajamas the entire day, unwrap gifts, tell stories, watch movies, eat mouthwatering food, and simply spend time with our loved ones, our to-do list is probably longer than we had imagined.

So, in the words of General Li Shang (“Mulan” 1998), let’s get down to business!

Side note: The list of activities is curated specifically with those which can be done in tropical weather.

31 Activities to do Before the Year Ends

I love putting up a Christmas tree. It’s one thing I look forward to every year, and it’s something that allows me and my family to spend time together.

Here are a couple of holiday movies that I love and can’t wait to watch.

A neighborhood get-together or even a play put up by a school or organization would be interesting to experience.

I’ve been playing these songs since December 1st and I have no regrets. Blast out some Christmas jams and dance the day and night away.

I see Christmas as the holiday to spend time with loved ones, even those we haven’t seen in weeks, months, or even years. It’s a time of coming together and celebrating everything and anything.

I believe that Christmas cards are the simplest yet one of the most meaningful gifts to give and receive. Customized ones make it more *chef’s kiss*

And have these photos possibly be on the holiday Christmas cards we might send out to family and friends. Or have them hung up every year when we decorate the house for the holidays, and add on to them every year after.

We grow each year. Our mindsets change. Our views about life, the world, and ourselves have probably shifted. Take these last months of the year to reflect and focus on ourselves. Write down the goals we want to achieve and cross out those that no longer align with our vision and passion.

I’ve never done this before, but videos online make it seem so fun!

Assist family and friends.

Serve in a soup kitchen or food bank.

Visit an animal shelter.

Participate in environmental cleanups.

Volunteer as a teacher’s aide.

Visit the elderly.

Assist at the local library.

Volunteer with local organizations and toy drives.

Whether it’s monetary or items we no longer use, it’s always a lovely experience sharing our blessings with others.

Delete unwanted photos.

Organize browser bookmarks.

Update passwords, if necessary.

Update account info, emails, addresses, phone numbers, if necessary.

Organize desktop icons.

Uninstall unused apps and programs.

Delete old, unimportant emails.

Empty Recycle Bins.

I’m always in awe walking and driving past Christmas lights and decorations along the road and within neighborhoods, especially when the colors really work well together.

I realized I have never tried a gingerbread man before and a lot of the other traditional holiday meals and beverages that are popular, well, across the globe. 

Has anyone ever done caroling – where we go up to people’s houses and just sing some Christmas songs? I’d like to try this at least once for experience and fun.

Catch up on sleep.


Turn off digital devices for a day.

Enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood.

Write down a list of things that make us the happiest.

Write down everything we want to do in life without thinking about finances.

Look at ourselves in the mirror and say out loud “I AM” affirmations.


Saipan may not have snow & ice-skating rinks, but we do have two roller skating rinks… and that’s the next best thing. I’ve gone actual ice skating once before, but it didn’t last long as neither I nor my friend knew how to, and we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves further.

If I have kids, this is a tradition I aim to fulfill because children deserve to feel a burst of magic and kindness every Christmas season.

I did this a lot when I was younger, and I can’t wait to do this again now moving forward (if masses are available now). I just find going to mass for the holidays brings me joy and happiness. I get to visit the Lord in His home and celebrate the day of His birth.

As mentioned, Saipan doesn’t have snow. But it wouldn’t hurt to try making a snowman out of the sand. I’m not sure how comfortable it’ll be to make a sand angel, but it’ll be interesting to try.

Mow someone’s lawn.

Help someone bring groceries to their car.

Have a conversation with a stranger (in a public and safe setting)

Pay for someone else’s bill – meal, a cup of coffee, groceries.

Compliment someone.

Surprise someone with yummy treats.

Practice self-kindness and spend some time doing something we love.

I think they are some of the most hardworking employees throughout the years and are worth giving some appreciation towards.

What’s one thing we learned about ourselves this year?

What is our favorite memory of the year?

How were we kind to ourselves?

What is the most important lesson we learned this year?

What would we do differently for the following years?

How did we overcome our most difficult challenges?

How did our relationships with family, friends, coworkers evolve?

How are we different from the person a year ago?

I love doing this every holiday season. I love being able to video call friends far away and talk about our holiday plans, and other things going on in our lives that we haven’t been able to catch up on.

I feel like it’s been way too long for me to experience any social interaction as grand as this one, but I miss doing one and a great time to do it is when we get to see restaurants decorated in holiday cheer.

Or get them to be as complete as they can be and continue working on them into the new year.

I really want to do this. Whether they’re ugly holiday sweaters or color-coordinated or within a theme, I am completely down for this.

I think it would be a beautiful thing to experience. It’s seeing something ordinary show off their inner sparkle.

Post a social media shoutout.

Write a review about their product or service.

Tell family and close friends.

Sign up for newsletters.

Like, Comment, Save and Share their online posts.

Ask them how they’re doing.

Handwrite a note of support and gratitude.

Purchase a product or gift card from them.

Whether it was getting out of bed every single day or getting that promotion we’ve always wanted, each and every day of our lives have meaning and, big or small, deserve recognition and gratitude.

Try not to rush things during the next 30 days. We’re in the last month of the year. Most of the rush happened during the last 11 months. We’ve done a tremendous job of being a human, a professional, a student, an employee. Take this month to relax, recharge, and be with those who make us happy, even if it’s just with ourselves. Use these next couple of weeks to take a walk outside and spend time away from our gadgets and listen to our heart and soul.

We made it through another year.

I hope this last month of the year will bring all of you tons of happiness, love, celebrations, and sighs of contentment.

Closing out the year is only welcoming the newest chapter of our lives.

Let's chat!

What are some activities you’re looking forward to doing this Christmas?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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