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Body Love | Affirmations For Loving Our Body

I have struggled with body image for as long as I can remember, mainly in the weight department.

Back in high school, I looked at the other girls in my class and wished I had their body types. I considered myself “fat” and “chubby.” And as I continued growing older, I kept thinking about how “overweight” I was, especially when I compared myself to my female friends. My clothes size was medium, whilst my friends were able to fit in size small.

Right now, looking back at my younger self, I wanted to scold her for ever thinking those things.

I was completely fine just the way I was.

However, since I had graduated from school, I know I had truly let myself go. I know this time, my body is the unhealthiest it has ever been. I can see it through the mirror, and I can feel it through my clothes. My weight gain and lack of physical movement have affected my period cycle, skin, breathing while I sleep, and unfortunately, the confidence I used to have in how I look.

I began hating how I look in the camera. When I would take a photo of myself, I often go the selfie route because I was embarrassed at how the rest of me would appear. It’s been hard looking at myself in pictures and in the mirror.

I’ve been trying for months to get into a regular physical fitness routine, but each time, I’ve found myself losing motivation and it honestly sucks. It sucks not liking how I look, but then not having the motivation to truly change up my lifestyle.

But I’m listening to my body, and my body is begging me to make the changes. It’s not feeling the best, and neither am I.

So, I turn to one of the activities that have helped me gain motivation in whatever it is I need help with – affirmations.

I’m hoping that reading these messages out loud each day will help me and inspire me to give my body the love that it needs – the love that it deserves.

What are 'Affirmations'?

There are two types: positive and negative affirmations. Positive affirmations are, of course, the ones we should focus on. They are statements or phrases that challenge negative, unhelpful thoughts and aim to improve upon them. They are specific to our situation and work with our subconscious patterns in order to help us overcome our challenges with regard to ourselves, our passions and goals, and our relationships.

As we go through these affirmations, we choose one (or five) that calls out to us and say them out loud at least twice a day – morning and evening when we’re in a relaxed state. Saying these affirmations after waking up allows our conscious self to bring that energy with us throughout our day while saying them before bed helps the energy flow into our subconscious. If we prefer, we can also do this in front of a mirror. Doing this allows us to further envision these affirmations, making them more believable and attainable to our subconscious.

If we can’t find an affirmation we connect with, we can write personalized ones that suit us better.


Start them in the first-person point of view (i.e. “I” and “My”)

Keep them in the present tense (i.e. “I am,” “I feel,” and “I have”)

Keep them positive (i.e. “can” and “income”)

Keep them concise and specific.

Keep in mind that affirmations work only if we are willing and ready to make positive changes in our lives.

Affirmations for Loving Our Body

Everyone has different skin types. It is up to me to pay attention to what does well for my skin and what I might need to do in order to give it the care it needs.

I am perfect and complete just the way I am.

I can love myself now while continuing to take better care of my body.

My body is a source of my life, not my self-worth.

The hair on my body is not defined by society’s views on gender norms.

Every scar on my body is beautiful and has its own unique story.

It is okay to get surgical procedures done on my body, so long as I am doing them for my own personal health and well-being.

A physical impairment will not stop me from being inspired, curious, and determined to make the most out of every situation I come across.

My body talks to me in ways that only I can understand, and I will take care of it in ways that only it can heal from.

I have the power to control how I feel about my body.

A missing limb or sense does not make me any less of a human being, and I am continuing to live my life to the fullest.

It is okay for me to modify any physical fitness routine to what my body can handle at the current moment.

The only person who is allowed to judge my body is myself.

When my body gets tired, it is okay for me to rest and recharge.

I feed my body healthy and nourishing food and physical activities because it deserves to be taken care of.

Age is just a number, and so are the ones shown on a weighing scale.

I am grateful that my body is able to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

Changing anything in my body is about living a healthier lifestyle and feeling good about myself.

I have only one body in this lifetime, and it is one that I am deeply in love with.

If I break out in pimples, I understand that it is my body’s natural way of telling me that changes are happening inside it.

Slow changes are always better than no changes.

Cutting off unhealthy habits is challenging, but the rewards are fulfilling.

I am beautiful inside and out.

I choose to be healthy over being skinny as I am comfortable in my own skin.

My body is a temple and is given all of the love and respect that it deserves.

The people in my circle accept me for who I am, inside and out.

Creating a healthier lifestyle is not a to-do list. It is a lifetime commitment that my body will genuinely enjoy and love.

It’s okay if I binge eat today. I still love and accept myself, and I can always jump right back into my healthy meal plans.

I am grateful for everything that my body has allowed and continues to allow me to do.

My body is strong and capable of doing amazing things.

I feel comfortable and confident in my body.

Committing to lifestyle changes is often challenging to fulfill, but for the health of my body, I will.

If I go on a weight loss journey, I understand that changes do not show right away. I must be patient, stay committed, and trust the process.

My identity is not defined by the size of my jeans.

Just as I listen to my body, my body listens to me when I compliment it, thank it, motivate it, and cherish it.

I have a perfectly imperfect body and I am in love with every single aspect of it.

I eat for energy and nourishment.

My body love journey starts today and lasts a lifetime.

My physical appearance is just an extension of who I am. It does not define how I live my life.

Pimples are temporary bumps that can happen to anyone.

I listen to the needs of my skin and body.

I am thankful for the ability to move around on my own.

Taking care of my body is a blessing I’ve been fortunate of doing.

My body is my forever home, and I am grateful to live in it.

The relationship I have with my body is full of love and respect.

When I look in the mirror, I see the original, beautiful, and glowing version of myself.

It is okay for me to lose weight, and I will do it with the intention to improve my health and not my appearance.

My outer appearance is not a reflection of who I am on the inside.

The more I give love to my body, the more it glows in confidence.

There is no need to compare me to anyone else. I radiate a different kind of beauty that I’m in love with.

The only validation I need about how my body should look and feel is the one I give to myself.

Body hair is a natural occurrence that I accept and treat with kindness.

The best part about the body I am living in is that we understand and love each other in ways that no one else can.

How others see me does not affect how I treat and see the world because I know the beauty radiating from within me.

I value how my body feels more than how it looks.

Now is the time for me to make the effort in nourishing my body so that I can live a long and healthy life.

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How do you give and/or show your body love?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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