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Soul Tribe | Affirmations For Attracting Your Soul Family

Being an introverted only child, it’s difficult for me to make friends, and the ones that I have formed, I see and treat as my family, my siblings.

 I was the type who, even though I was shy, wanted to be close to my classmates, or at least be on good terms with them. I wanted to know that I have at least one person I can talk to or count on wherever I was.

Wishful and childish thinking, I know.

As I grew up, the people I let into my life undoubtedly became smaller, and I was surprisingly fine with that. And I think, for the most part, that it was simply because I was scared. I was scared of feeling the emotions of losing a friend who I once cherished.

It’s easier to keep someone out if they were never invited in.

It wasn’t until I read about a “Soul Tribe” that I became hopeful of being able to willingly unlock my door towards those who I share an unbreakable bond with. I don’t know how true it is, but I believe in the universe and its timing in bringing me and my soul group together.

A Bit About Soul Tribes

A soul tribe is a spiritual term for a group of people who come from the same energetic field. It’s an instant connection, a feeling of knowing this person for years even though we just met. A balanced connection of understanding each other on a deeper level and supporting one another with our passions, goals, philosophies, values, and purpose.

As I wait for the timing of the universe, I can do my part in connecting with my tribe by living in the present moment, keep doing my daily adventures, and saying some of the affirmations below.

What are 'Affirmations'?

There are two types: positive and negative affirmations. Positive affirmations are, of course, the ones we should focus on. They are statements or phrases that challenge negative, unhelpful thoughts and aim to improve upon them. They are specific to our situation and work with our subconscious patterns in order to help us overcome our challenges with regard to ourselves, our passions and goals, and our relationships.

As we go through these affirmations, we choose one (or five) that calls out to us and say them out loud at least twice a day – morning and evening when we’re in a relaxed state. Saying these affirmations after waking up allows our conscious self to bring that energy with us throughout our day while saying them before bed helps the energy flow into our subconscious. If we prefer, we can also do this in front of a mirror. Doing this allows us to further envision these affirmations, making them more believable and attainable to our subconscious.

If we can’t find an affirmation we connect with, we can write personalized ones that suit us better.


Start them in the first-person point of view (i.e. “I” and “My”)

Keep them in the present tense (i.e. “I am,” “I feel,” and “I have”)

Keep them positive (i.e. “can” and “income”)

Keep them concise and specific.

Keep in mind that affirmations work only if we are willing and ready to make positive changes in our lives.

Affirmations for Attracting Your Soul Tribe

My soul tribe is energetically with me and getting closer to me each day.

I surround myself with people who make me feel safe, whole, and loved.

I am releasing energy that are no longer in alignment with my purpose.

I value the connection I have with my tribe.

I am happy with the energy I exude.

I attract more and more positive and kind people into my life.

I surround myself with people who bring out the best in me.

The connections I share with those I care about are deep.

By fully loving and accepting myself, I am allowing myself to feel the same way towards others.

I allow myself and those around me to be imperfect.

I get to be myself all day long when I’m with my friends, and so do they.

I believe in myself and the sincerity I and my friends show each other.

My energy is always full of warmth and serenity.

It’s natural to let my guard down when I’m with my tribe.

I set healthy and balanced boundaries with friendships and respect others’ as well.

I always honor my intuition about others.

My circle may be small, but it is full of love.

I highlight the beauty and good in all living beings.

I get excited meeting new people.

There are opportunities to form friendships wherever I go.

I support others and the journey they are going through.

I am there for others when they need me.

I am learning and growing each day as an individual.

I am an honest and loyal friend.

I sincerely communicate my thoughts and feelings with others.

I actively listen when others confide in me.

I welcome all into my life as potential soul members of my tribe.

My friendships allow me a safe haven to explore and express who I truly am.

I am good enough to be blessed with lifelong friendships.

I have a great sense of humor that allows moments full of smiles and laughter.

I am eternally grateful for all the people who have made a difference in my life.

I respect the differences amongst each and every one of my friends.

Every person in my tribe provides me with unique insights and knowledge.

My friends and I can always count on each other through the good and bad times.

I am a magnet for positive, motivational, and goal-getter individuals.

People enjoy being around my energy.

I value quality over quantity in all aspects of my life.

I continue to be a better person with every friendship I make.

Part of my inner-strength comes from the friends I have.

My friends and I have strengths and weaknesses that balance each other out.

My friends are an additional source of happiness in my life.

I choose to grow only healthy relationships.

Every day, I am open to meeting new people and forming friendships.

I am a lovely person with a compassionate heart and an adventurous soul.

My vibe is attracting my tribe.

Every day brings different adventures for my friend group.

There is always time in my day to be there for a friend.

I believe in myself and life’s timing in bringing my tribe into my life.

I am ready to open my heart to genuine friendships and deep connections.

I love and appreciate who I am.

I enjoy making small talk to those around me.

I am comfortable with any silent moments between me and my friends.

I am grateful when others approach and converse with me first.

I develop lasting friendships with ease.

I feel grateful when I help bring out the best in others.

I feel completely at peace and at home when I’m with my tribe.

Affirmations have been a blessing for me throughout my school years.

It takes time to get used to them, let alone believe in them, but the more we say them in our head or out loud, the more we open our souls to inviting these powerful phrases into reality. The important thing is to believe and to allow the universe to make situations, events, and actions align for us at the time we’re meant to receive them.

Let's Chat!

Are you ready to call in your Soul Tribe? What affirmations are your favorites?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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