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Compliments | Self-Appreciation Affirmations

It has always been difficult for me to accept compliments. I feel extremely grateful to receive them, but I just get awkward trying to respond to them, or I don’t fully believe the compliments themselves.

And for a long time, I’ve felt that it’s mainly because I rarely received compliments in the first place.

In reality, I should focus on the compliments I should’ve given myself because by having done this, the confidence and faith I have in myself and what I portray would’ve allowed me to see what others see and understand, and believe the compliments they are giving me.

Complimenting oneself is an affirmation’s cousin, so to speak. The more often we compliment ourselves, the more powerful we feel about ourselves and our abilities. We are adjusting our thought patterns and limiting destruction within our mind, body, and soul.

Everyone can have different views of everyone else, but the most important perspectives we should focus on are those we have of ourselves.

As a little exercise, take some time to compliment yourself on anything and everything. By doing this, you’re allowing yourself to gain confidence in yourself and everything you set your heart and mind to.

What are 'Affirmations'?

There are two types: positive and negative affirmations. Positive affirmations are, of course, the ones we should focus on. They are statements or phrases that challenge negative, unhelpful thoughts and aim to improve upon them. They are specific to our situation and work with our subconscious patterns in order to help us overcome our challenges with regard to ourselves, our passions and goals, and our relationships.

As we go through these affirmations, we choose one (or five) that calls out to us and say them out loud at least twice a day – morning and evening when we’re in a relaxed state. Saying these affirmations after waking up allows our conscious self to bring that energy with us throughout our day while saying them before bed helps the energy flow into our subconscious. If we prefer, we can also do this in front of a mirror. Doing this allows us to further envision these affirmations, making them more believable and attainable to our subconscious.

If we can’t find an affirmation we connect with, we can write personalized ones that suit us better.

Tips for writing affirmations

Start them in the first-person point of view (i.e. “I” and “My”)

Keep them in the present tense (i.e. “I am,” “I feel,” and “I have”)

Keep them positive (i.e. “can” and “income”)

Keep them concise and specific.

Keep in mind that affirmations work only if we are willing and ready to make positive changes in our lives.

Self-Appreciation Affirmations

I appreciate myself.

My strength is unbreakable.

I have a great sense of humor.

My cooking is delightful and mouth-watering.

I am loved.

My energy vibrates positivity.

I enjoy learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others.

I can do this.

I am proud of myself.

My kindness is limitless.

I am a selfless child and a loyal friend.

I am book- and street-smart.

My pets feel my love and come to me for comfort.

I am refreshing and pleasant to be around.

I enjoy a variety of great music.

I am always there for my loved ones.

I know who I am and what I’m worth.

My hair looks absolutely amazing today.

I helped someone today and it felt wonderful.

My beauty glows with imperfections.

I am an avid listener.

My smile is contagious.

My fashion game is strong and comfortable.

I am brave.

My flaws bring out my uniqueness.

I know what I want and work passionately to get them.

My perspective is refreshing.

I own up to my mistakes, learn, and grow from them.

I’m creating the life I want to live.

I am making a difference.

My creativity knows no bounds.

I respect others the way I want to be respected.

I’m more helpful than I realize.

I don’t know what the future brings, but I’m doing my best in the present.

I am a gift, a treasure that is priceless.

My eyes exude gentleness with a slight tint of fierceness.

I am good enough.

I am no ordinary person, and I’m proud of it.

I am perfect just the way I am.

My life story sings with genuine happiness and gratitude.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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