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Conquer | Endings And Beginnings


I have a serene lifestyle.

I am doing what I love and loving what I do.

I am earning money as I sleep.

I am surrounded by my soul family.

I am engulfed by happy, loving thoughts and emotions.

I am living near the ocean, with hundreds of beautiful flora surrounding my home.

My parents are living an abundant retirement life.

I adopted at least four fur babies.

I am helping my community in abundant, but silent ways.

I am pledging to keep the environment clean and healthy for future generations to come.

My smile is bright and genuine.

My laughter is contagious.

I am with my whom my soul has been searching for and we are deeply in love.

Together, we have at least four kids (more possibly on the way!)

My business is doing exemplary, and I am able to positively provide for my customers every day with my products and services.

I am healed more than I’ve ever been.

I am traveling places for both work and leisure, and I often bring my family with me.

I am meeting people from all around the globe with interesting insights into everything, and I love that I get to expand my own understanding and view of the world.

I can purchase anything I need while being confident that there is more than enough in my bank account.

I am financially supporting my nieces, nephews, and godchildren with their college fees so that they don’t have to go struggle the way many of the people from my generation did, including myself.

My home is everything I could ever dream of, with a library as full as the one in Beauty and the Beast.

My days are filled with a balanced work-leisure life schedule, and I am learning new crafts and skills along the way.

Laughter, love, entertainment, knowledge, experiences, and memories make up the heart of my home.

My body is healthy and fit.

I feel beautiful inside and out.

I am at my happiest.

I have forgiven myself.

I have let go of the decades-long baggage and made peace with my past.

I am focused on the here and now.

I am in love with myself.

And this is all because I have conquered my fears.

I have conquered my shadows.

I have conquered my demons.

And I am continuing to conquer every challenge that comes my way.

This is my life, and I am going to make it a life to remember for eternity.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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