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Customize Your Android Home Screen [Fall Theme]

This kind of topic is definitely better viewed through video format, but since I have yet to gain confidence in posting through such a format, I thought it would be nice to try it out in blog format.

One activity I’ve been getting into every season, holiday, or month is customizing my digital space. I got this idea from working on my bullet journal, and after watching a couple of tutorials online on how others do it, I wanted to give it a try.

It’s been invigorating looking at the simple changes within my environment, even if they are only digital. I feel jubilant during the first week, adoring the near aesthetically pleasing backgrounds on my digital devices.

Please note that I am using an Android phone, therefore any apps, widgets, and process of customizing my screen are based on Android’s programs and accessibilities. Also, all of the apps mentioned in this post are not sponsored.

Customizing Android Home Screen (Autumn-Themed)


Similar to other design projects, the first thing I do is to identify the theme. Do I want to follow a specific holiday for the month or go for a seasonal theme? Currently, I’ve been leaning towards seasonal, thus an Autumn theme.

After figuring out my theme, I create a word list and gather color schemes, Autumn-related imagery, and quotes that could be related to the season or motivational quotes to help get me out of any dissatisfactory mindset.


Content I primarily focus on: images and app icons.

Pinterest is my favorite place to gather images, especially if I’m going for aesthetically pleasing ones that could easily match my theme and color scheme. When I look for images, I look for those that evoke emotions I hope to feel during the next couple of months.

For Autumn, I wanted to feel cozy, enchanting, thankful, and positive.

Then, I would search for autumn aesthetic images and quotes that fit these words. For this theme, I wanted to focus on gratitude quotes. I often get double the number of images I’m expected to use in case some are much better fitting for the look and feel of my theme.

set up the home and lock screen wallpapers

I’m often attracted to collage photos as my lock screen, so I opted for this vintage looking wallpaper as my lock screen background. Then, I completely went a different route for the home screen, and decided to go for a minimal Autumn leaves wallpaper.


After setting up my wallpaper, I would spread out the widgets I most often use and images on about 4-5 screens, with space for the app icons. It takes a couple of tries to find a layout spread I’m content with, but it’s worth it.

I then use Simple Photo Widget (must download app first to use the widget) to customize the sizes of the images I’d have arranged throughout the screens.

At this point, everything is still temporary and some layout and images have changed during my final walkthrough.


Changing the app icons to fit a certain theme is optional and only if you really want everything to look and feel connected.

I find my icons through Icons8 and The Noun Project, both of which offer free download and conduct for personal use icons.

In order to use as few screens as possible, I customized the apps I often use and have icons that are found free to download on the websites. I also avoided placing them in folders.

After getting my icons, I go to Canva to further stylize any background color I may want to include with the icons. The size I use is 1080×1080 px. The images are then saved to my device in PNG format.

Then, I’d transfer the images to the X Icon Changer app for finalization and place the icons in the appropriate spaces.


The whole process of customizing my home screens this time around took about three hours because I was being super picky. I kept changing my mind as nothing felt satisfactory for about the first hour. I was constantly changing my icon background colors, quotes, and, most especially the images. They were challenging to say the least.

Even though some widgets are kind of out of place, I still love how everything turned out to be.

Simple, motivational, and comforting.

Let's Chat!

What are other customizing apps, tips, and tricks do you use and what do you love about customizing your digital devices?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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