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Dear Mom

Hi ma,

It’s taken me a long time to get this letter out to you not because I didn’t know what to say, but rather because I have so much to say that I might end up writing a 5-page paper if I were to properly express all my thoughts.

Mom, the love I have for you goes beyond this universe. Not only did you give me life, but you’ve helped make my life worth living and I am eternally grateful to have you as my mother in this life. A couple of years ago, I realized that you had always been a source of light that’s kept me going, and I want to give you all of the blessings and abundance that you deserve.

You had always been the fighter in our family. And by fighter, you always spoke what’s on your mind and followed what you believed in. You’ll always find solutions to problems in a calm manner and have that sense of assurance with every challenge that comes your way. You speak with so much honesty, kindness, and occasionally, sarcasm (I guess this is where I got my sarcastic genes from).

Everything you do for others, you do it out of the kindness and selflessness of your heart. “Be kind,” you’d constantly remind me. “We help those who need our help, especially when we have more to offer.” You were always looking out for others even when you hardly knew them or when they didn’t treat you with the same amount of respect or kindness you treated them. I honestly wish you’d put yourself first sometimes and take care of yourself more than you’ve taken care of others, and especially more than you’ve taken care of me and Dad.

Mom, you’ve sacrificed so much when I was growing up. Aside from all the things you do at your paid job, you still have extra work to do at home. Every morning, you’d wake up at least two hours earlier than me and make sure that everything I needed for my day was prepared and ready to go. You’d always make sure I got my full eight hours of sleep even when you weren’t able to do the same. Every night you’d double-check that I got my assignments done, helped me with many projects I had, did more housework, and went to sleep way later than I did. I was too blind to fully appreciate all of the hardships that your mind and body endured all those years. I can’t change the past, but I am creating a future –where your hands no longer have to go through the amount of labor you went through.

I remember when both you and Dad had to go to work early one day. Suddenly, I was woken up by your loud opening of the door. I was confused. You said you’d been calling, but I wasn’t picking up the phone, so you got out of work in the middle of the day just to check on me. There were many instances when you’d drop everything just to check up on me, and I always overlooked these tiny gestures. I enjoyed bonding over wrapping Christmas gifts, watching teleseryes, going to the laundry, and doing our grocery shopping together.

No mom is perfect, especially when they’re raising their first child. We may not have had a deep emotional bond growing up, but I wouldn’t want to change anything about my upbringing because I became the person I am today, and I’m still learning and growing into someone better with all of my past experiences and lessons guiding me along the way. Mom, you gave me food to eat, clothes to wear, and every other necessity imaginable. You were always incredibly patient with me and still loved me unconditionally even when we tread troubled waters. Simply hearing your voice to this day calms me down and gives me additional strength and courage to conquer anything I’m going through.

Ma, thank you for taking care of me and Dad. Thank you for your strength and endurance. Thank you for staying healthy. Thank you for being by my side and correcting me when I’ve done wrong. Thank you for being perfectly imperfect and doing the absolute best that you could. Thank you for being my mom. I’m honored to call you my mom. You taught me to “be patient. Everything will fall into place.” You taught me to be genuinely selfless, brave, and outspoken. You taught me to go after my dreams and follow what I believe in.

You are my light, Mom.

I love you.


Your Daughter

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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