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Ghosted | Endings And Beginnings


There is one person who still lingers in my mind.

In a curious way.

I wonder what he’s been up to these days.

Where he is.

If he’s ended up as a firefighter as he once wanted to be or destiny guided him towards a different path, a path that is truly meant for him.

Does he even still remember me?

I hope our kindergarten teacher never mentioned to him how hard I was hugging him that one time in class during nap time.

If she did, does he remember?

I think I left him first.

At the time, social media was still rising, and there were only a couple of ways to keep in touch with someone.

And I didn’t bother doing so.

Our paths had never crossed throughout the years.

At one point, I forgot that he existed.

And then someone brought him up, and I was surprised.

I thought he had left the island a long time ago, but apparently, he was still here…

And we share mutual friends.

But our paths hadn’t crossed yet.

The age of social media was in full swing.

I searched for him.

I was able to find him.

I was scared to reach out to him.

I am still scared.

If he wanted to, I wondered why he hasn’t reached out himself.

There’s only one person with my name on the island that I’m sure is not that challenging to forget.

But we were only five/six when we last saw each other in person.

Could it be that easy to forget the people from our class all those years ago?

I admit I don’t think I remember everyone.

As the years go on, the fewer classmates I seem to remember.

Maybe he was one of the few I remember because he was special to me back then.

I always assumed my very first non-celebrity crush happened in junior high.

Is it possible that my first crush actually happened when I was four and I didn’t even know what crushes meant?

Is this why I still remember him to this day?

Sometimes I wish he still remembers me too.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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