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Hello Autumn | My Autumn Happy List

As Autumn enters (September 23 — December 22), we’ll be able to allow ourselves to let go of past energy and welcome new ones.

It’s just like starting a new semester at school, at least one with semester periods. At the start of the semester, you’re welcomed by your instructor and peers and you get a glimpse of how the semester would unfold. Every week, you’re given challenges that push you to make it through the finish line of that semester. By the end, you’re all burnt out, potentially not realizing how much you’ve learned, experienced, and grown throughout those weeks. You take a couple of days off to re-energize and reflect on the semester. You realize what you liked and disliked, what you want to change, and what you want to leave behind. Then, you’ll enter a new semester – a new season – and you’ll encounter similar events, but you’ll surely be feeling, learning, and understanding a multitude of new experiences.

For Autumn, I always daydreamed of the beautiful colors shown in movies and that I’d finally get to wear scarves, gloves, and boots. Little did I know that Autumn brought so much more than what I could’ve imagined. For me, Autumn is the journey home. It is a season to quiet down and listen to my inner voice, my inner child.

It’s a season to reflect and just… be.

And, I hope Autumn will bring you just as much relaxation and serenity as it has brought to me.

This is why, even though I don’t get to see the famed Autumn foliage as often as I’d like, there is still much I look forward to during this season.

My Autumn Happy List


The colors and aesthetics of Autumn are absolutely breathtaking. No photo or film can ever capture how striking the season is. There’s just something about Autumn’s warm color tones that scream comfort.


I understand that we can give thanks any time of the year, but there’s something about the Autumn season that makes gratitude a bit more magical. 


With SF being cold practically all year round, I’m often already wearing the typical sweaters and beanies throughout the year. However, with Autumn, I can wear them with more confidence and style.


I love being wrapped in a blanket – burrito style – while wearing my sweater. It sometimes made up for the fact that I’m not with my family for the season, and having that burrito blanket comfort fills up that extra space.


I love cool weather! As I’ve mentioned, SF is cold almost all the time, but it’s even cooler during the Autumn season, which I live for. Random fact: I don’t know how scientifically accurate this is, but my face cleared up of any pimples after my first semester in SF – seriously! I had only had one pimple pop up a month (before the dreaded monthly female pain) and since then, my face looked and felt so much smoother. My body reacts better to cooler weather somehow.


The last time I actually wore a Halloween costume was probably more than 10 years ago. So why is it part of this list? Because I’m hoping that I can one day dress up for Halloween again, possibly even coordinate outfits with some friends. I remember going to Castro District in SF during Halloween, and I was blown away by the variety of costumes people wore. It was amazing!


I’ve always looked forward to ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween growing up. I used to be afraid of horror movies, but after watching a couple of them with my friends, I became hooked. Sure, I still get spooked and cover my eyes in some terrifying parts, but I love the adrenaline that they give me. I’ll be posting a separate blog about my favorite Halloween & horror movies to watch during the holiday.


What is on your Autumn happy list?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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