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Hugs | Endings And Beginnings


I could use one right now.

And not the quick kind.

Preferably one massive hug that lasts longer than a minute.

The first and last proper hugs I received in months were from family friends I had not seen in over five years.

And it didn’t click that I was hugged because of how foreign that action from a human has become to me.

Pillows have been my hugging partner lately.

They’re cuddly and I can hug them for hours.

But I know they don’t provide the same “happy hormones” that we would get from hugging another human.

I never realized how much hugging has often released some sadness and tension within me until I barely received any.

And I never knew I would miss hugging as much as I do now.

When I was young, most of the hugs I remember happened after arguments or misunderstandings or congratulatory hugs after obtaining an award or being promoted to the next grade.

I don’t recall how I became an avid hugger fan, especially longing to receive hugs for comfort.

I really would want a panda hug right now.

And not just the quick kind.

Preferably a hug that’s strong enough to keep me standing on my two feet.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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