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There are many things I find comfort in – talking to my parents, writing, hugging my stuffed animals, yoga, oversized hoodies, thick comforters, putting my earphones in and listening to music, coloring, and expressing my emotions (mostly written) are a couple to list.

But, the one item that’s been a constant comfort in my life is my blanket.

I’ve had a blanket since I was a kid, and though I had it replaced (due to it being damaged) twice, all of them have provided me the same feeling of comfort and security.

I believe this has mainly to do with the material the blanket is made of because my blankets were replaced by the exact material as the previous one as it was the only one that I felt relaxed in.

I am not sure what the material is made out of, unfortunately. But, if I were to describe it in one word, it would be: soft.

I find it hard to sleep without my blanket. Even when I’m on a long flight and intend to sleep, my blanket would be in reach and ready to use. I don’t even use it to cover my body. I have it all bundled up and use it as a pillow, or to cover my eyes, or have it rested by my cheek.

I love that my blanket isn’t one of those thick ones. It fits snuggly in my backpack and I’m able to bring it everywhere with me.

I am not embarrassed with my blanket.

I’ve learned to not let myself suffer when I have something right beside me to keep me comforted.

It’s the only one who has seen my tears in the night, traveled with me, and is around to still see me learn, heal, and grow into a better person.

It’s the only one who is able to ease my loneliness even during my loneliest moments.

To others, it may just be a simple blanket.

But, to me, it’s happiness.

It’s comfort.

It’s serenity.

It’s home.

And I’m eternally grateful to have it in my life.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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