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Let’s Go On Adventures Together, A

Hi, A!

I don’t know why I’m getting flashbacks of Pretty Little Liars episodes and their A, but I promise that this letter is specifically for you, A.

Similar to J, I was fortunate to have met you through our support of Joseph Vincent. I don’t remember what our first conversations were like or who initiated contact, but I’m so happy that our paths crossed nearly a decade ago. And to think that we also have yet to meet in person, but we have fortunately video chatted at least once.

A, on a semi-serious note, thank you for entering my life and still being a part of it. You are one of the most selfless and kindest souls I have “met”, and I adore the conversations we have.

We had many days talking about our then crushes, our fangirl moments, and just life in general. Thank you for listening to my worries about school and supporting me just as any true friend that I’d have personally met would. Your words of courage and positivity have helped me during some of my most challenging times.

Thank you. I appreciate you and your friendship more than you know.

How has life been treating you, A?

I still see you tweeting, but I don’t know why I haven’t had enough courage to message you again and personally ask this. Maybe after writing this letter, I will. Or I could send you a link to this letter as a conversation starter, heh. I apologize, I’m being weird.

A, no matter what you’re going through in life right now, I hope you’re kicking butt. I hope you’re smiling and laughing a lot, and that your dreams and goals are manifesting into reality. I was so thrilled seeing that you got that truck you’ve been wanting. I bet you’re excited to take that Explorer on a bunch of road trips, and possibly a couple to Disneyland!

You deserve all the happiness in the world, A.

I hope that we can one day fulfill one of our conversations to meet up and simply spend a couple of days exploring the world around us.

Let’s go on adventures, A! And tons of them. I get so nostalgic looking at a lot of your nature hike photos, and I cannot wait for the day when we can go on road trips and nature hikes together. And if Joseph Vincent ever does a concert again, we should definitely go together or plan a meet-up! That’ll be one amazing and memorable moment.

Oh gosh, I think I’m getting way too ahead of myself, aha.

But, it’s not so bad daydreaming of future adventures, right? For all we know, this letter could become a huge manifestation of the day we meet to do spontaneous things together.

A, if there’s one thing I hope you don’t change about yourself, it’s your ability to see the good in people and have that understanding and patience towards them. Granted, sometimes it does bother me with the amount of kindness you share because some of those people do not deserve such treatment from you, but this is what makes you, you.

But if you need someone to confide in, with anything, I’m always a message away.

Keep glowing with compassion, A.

*Day 19 of 30 Letters In 30 Days – Your Closest Internet Friend

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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