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Lost | Endings And Beginnings


Why is it that whenever I feel like I found my way through a maze, I find myself at the entrance of another, more challenging maze?

Will I continue being lost forever?

Running around in circles, always finding myself at the beginning of a new cycle?

I thought I figured out what life meant, but I’m getting more confused than ever.

All of a sudden I’m taken back to my 10th-grade geometry class where everything just seemed so foreign to me, and I was never truly able to understand the lessons in that class.

This is what life is like for me now.

I can’t seem to understand one bit of it.

I am aware that there are unwritten rules of the universe that humans seem to pick up on through experience –

We are given similar situations to see if we’ve truly learned from past experiences;

If we’re in a rush to go somewhere or do something, the universe finds ways to slow us down;

People come and go from our lives, but we won’t ever know who.

I don’t know…

Sometimes I really don’t know how to live and let be.

I have to always be on guard with my words and actions because I feel like I don’t know how to connect with others in my personal life.

I overthink everything I have said in the one day that I’m with others, making sure I didn’t accidentally say something offensive or hurtful.

I don’t know how to react to things.

Sometimes I feel like flying off to Neverland and requesting to join the Lost Boys and be the very first Lost Girl, and we’ll get lost together.

I’m scared.

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

I mean…

I know where I want to be, I just get confused about how to get there, especially with external factors getting in the way.

But, I know where I want to be.

I know where I want to be.

Does this make me entirely lost?

Or have I just strayed off my path a bit and got sidetracked by the hollow antagonists in my life’s journey?

Whatever it is, life will always be confusing.

And it will always throw me curveballs.

I’ll go through as many mazes as it takes for me to get where I need to be because as soon as I reach that place, I know there will be another maze waiting for me, leading me to where I need to be next.

Maybe I do not need to go to Neverland after all.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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