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Memorable SSHS Events And Traditions

My 10-year anniversary from graduating high school is getting closer and I think it’s a good time to reminisce on some of the memorable experiences that happened during my four years at Saipan Southern High School.

The events below are the ones I was aware of during my time at school and ones that I still remember on the top of my head as I’m writing this post. They are also based on their availability to a big portion of the student body, and not focused on specific school clubs, teams, and organizations.

A Bit of Background Information

Many of these events involve fundraisers to help each class earn funds for specific goals, such as making class shirts, buying supplies for spirit week, pep rallies, competitions, prom, and senior trips.

A lot of them were also competitions amongst each grade. The points are gathered up by the end of the year and we got to see how well our class did. I forgot what the winning class would get though.

Student Body Activities at SSHS 10 Years Ago


Cultural Day was one of my favorite outdoor events because of the foods available. Each grade was given (or selected) a country to represent. We were awarded points based on how well we represented the country’s culture by how we set up our tent (decorations), the foods that class volunteers had prepared themselves (or with the help of their parents), and how well we performed a traditional dance from the culture.


Spirit Week was also fun. For those not familiar with Spirit Week, my school did it where students were encouraged to follow the theme per day for one week. Every day had a different theme. Usually, these themes would fit whatever holiday the week or pep rally falls on.

For example, Monday: St. Patrick’s Day – wear green; Tuesday: Twin Day – wear matching clothes with someone else; Wednesday: Wacky Hair Day – do something crazy with your hair; Thursday: Pajama Day – wear your pajamas; Friday: Pep Rally – wear your class shirt or class shirt color.

I participated any chance I could to help the class earn points, but I don’t think I ever did the really extravagant themes.


I honestly looked forward to our outdoor pep rallies to see the choreography that each class put together. I think the dances also had themes, such as putting in one horror track, putting in a track by this one singer, etc. These dances were scored by random instructors or special guests if there was one present.

There were a bunch of other games as well where volunteers from each class were to compete with each other, such as who can give the loudest horror scream. We were told what each game would be, and I remember students would scramble to find that one or two people who we know would be excellent for them.

Out of the 16 pep rallies we had throughout my four years, I participated in the dance only once. I don’t think I participated in any other challenges for pep rallies.

senior trip

The senior trip was a tradition for seniors to have a mini-vacation. I forgot most of the details for my senior class trip, but I do remember that the class went to Guam. I believe that each person had to pay for their own plane ticket, personal expenses, and I believe hotel room.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go on the senior trip because I didn’t have the finances to do so.


The junior-senior prom is a formal event at the end of the year for Juniors and Seniors (and dates from other grades) to have fun and celebrate the Seniors as we wish them off to the next journey of their lives.

I was never really into this because it was a social event, and I was still very anti-social. I attended prom during my Junior year because I was part of the prom committee. I did not attend my Senior prom, which, at the time I felt completely fine about not going since I didn’t have to spend extra on my prom dress and tickets.


I remember that the primary goal of school dances, at least in my school, was to raise funds for our class. They often happen during holidays.

I didn’t attend many school dances (shocking, I know). It was mainly because I didn’t know how to dance, and again, this was a social event that I would not function well in.


This was another fun competition amongst the grades to see who can decorate a classroom(s) of their choice(s) the best. It helped students get into their Christmas spirit and allowed the classrooms to look joyous and festive.


I loved candy grams. I’m grateful that I got to experience both putting them together and receiving a couple. I think candy grams were organized by grades as well and we can sell them simultaneously, especially since they’re popular during Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s seasons. This was another way for classes to raise funds.

Looking back now, I kind of wished I had contributed more when it came to extracurricular activities since they are experiences that may come only once in a lifetime.

Nonetheless, my four years of high school had their ups and downs, but I made the best of it as much as I thought I could, and I’m grateful for the friendships that I had gained throughout those years.

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