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SSHS Class of 2012 | Senior Year

We’ve reached the end of my “10-Year High School Reunion” series!

It was fun looking back at my high school years, and I’m grateful that I was able to remember a lot more than I thought I would.

Senior year…

I feel like it was an alright year for me. And I’m only saying this mainly because a lot of what happened during senior year is too much of a blur for me nowadays. I sometimes wish I started blogging during high school so that I could have more memories of my adolescent years.

Back in Senior Year...


During my senior year, I took AP Language and Composition, Calculus Honors, Computer Apps 2, Japanese 2, Physics Honors, and US Government Honors. AP Language and Composition was the only class that was required to be taken the full year, whereas the others were split between the two semesters.

Looking at all of these classes now, I am wondering how I managed to survive my year. I do remember struggling with Calculus Physics Honors the most though. One was due to the lessons being too complicated for my brain to comprehend, and the other was due to the instructor’s lack of teaching abilities which made the lessons challenging for me to understand.

My favorite classes this school year were AP Language and Composition, Japanese 2, and Computer Apps 2. I had the same instructors for Japanese and Computer Apps 2, so I was excited about those. I loved all of these classes and had some of the best memories of high school from them. I’m also very happy that the lessons taught in these classes have stayed with me until now and are still an important part of my life.


Many of my classmates were receiving acceptance letters from their desired universities, and I had yet to apply to any. I think I was still very confused and lost as to what I wanted to become. At one point, I thought I would be moving to Canada to live with my cousin and attend college there, but that did not happen.

Eventually, I ended up applying to scholarships and the community college on the island at least three weeks before the Fall semester was set to begin.


I think Senior year was the year I began joining clubs because I felt like I really needed to add more to my experiences. I was a part of the Youth Environmental Ambassadors (Y.E.A) and Book Club. I enjoyed both because I was able to do things I love while being part of those clubs, such as beach cleanups and watching books-turned-movies at the theatre.

The most memorable events that happened during senior year were the annual Senior Trip and the Junior-Senior Prom – both of which I did not attend.

I think I did not attend Senior Trip because I did not have the finances to go, but I was still able to have some fun with my friends on the island.

I also did not attend our prom mainly because no one asked me. There, I said it. Aha. And when I say no one, I literally mean no one – not a date, and none of my friends did either. “Well, you could’ve gone alone.” Yes, but I was even more inside my shell back then, and I would not have wanted to go and sit at a random table with people who have gone there with each other. I’d like to think I’ve moved forward with this, but a part of me still feels dejected at missing my senior prom and wished that at least a friend would’ve asked me to go with them.

We also had the quarterly pep rallies, which I think we actually did very well on – the best we’ve done in the entire four years. I don’t remember if this was the year we won the class of the year, or if it was during our junior year though.

Senior year may not be my favorite year out of my entire high school, but I think I still enjoyed myself throughout the school year.

While focusing on our studies, we were also preparing for our graduation.

I remember buying my cap and gown, as well as sashes from clubs.

I remember photo day when we took our senior year graduation photos. By the way, I don’t think our school ever worked on our 2011-2012 yearbooks, so it’s unfortunate we don’t have prized memories that a yearbook would’ve provided.

I remember completing my volunteer hours, thank you, Ms. Jackie!

I remember voting for our graduation song, which ended up being Miley Cyrus’ I’ll Always Remember You from the Hannah Montana soundtrack, as well as practicing for our graduation ceremony.

Oh boy, I’m tearing up, aha.

Senior year was a year where we had to hug our instructors a “see you later” and look back at the halls and classrooms that we came to know the last four years.

It was a year that marked the end of an era for many of us. It marked a shift to young adults, spreading our wings, continuing further education, or gaining work experience.

To all the current and upcoming seniors, one chapter of your life is coming to a close – make it a good one to remember. You’ll be starting an entirely new journey, one that I think you’ll find even more challenging, but rewarding than ever.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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