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I love mornings!

For as long as I can remember, mornings have always been my favorite part of the day… well, other than those dreaded morning university classes.

I find myself being the most productive and focused with my work during this time of day, and when I start off my days early, I often feel energetic throughout the day, even without drinking coffee. I feel more compelled to do, and actually enjoy, the things that I often put off if I try to do them in the afternoons or evenings. I love doing yoga (or walking/jogging), doing my laundry, cleaning, and brainstorming for posts and projects during the mornings.

I appreciate the serenity that early mornings offer. Being able to think and work in peace, besides the occasional car driving by or birds chirping outside, has always helped me self-reflect and plan out my life goals. I feel that I’m living more in the present as I’m able to catch up with all the hecticness that the days bring me. It is also the perfect time to journal how I’ve been feeling lately, as well as be in a grateful mindset towards everyone and everything that’s helped me be where I am and what I currently have. I appreciate being able to achieve more of my personal growth and goals with love and care every day during my mornings.

Early mornings also decrease moments of rush, stress, and procrastination for me. I love giving myself ample time to have everything prepared for my day. Sure, I may also do them the night prior, but I get more satisfaction when I tackle them in the morning. This is because I know I tend to change my mind last minute, and if I’m preparing everything on the morning of a new day, the window to change, or even make up, my mind isn’t as big, and I’m able to come to a firm decision by then.

I prefer using my mornings to check up on news, emails, social media, and my planner. Though I will check my emails and planner as the day goes on, I love getting a head start on them. Plus, it’s always satisfying for me to check off items on my to-do list throughout the day.

I adore breakfast food and going on breakfast dates. Scrambled eggs, bacon, orange juice, fried rice, pancakes, bread with jam or any other spread, cereal, fruits. All incredibly delicious, and of course can be eaten at any time of the day, but I find the most fulfilling when taken for breakfast. I think that breakfast dates are also more fun and carefree. We get to visit relaxing cafés that offer delicious breakfast pastries and beverages.

Sleeping in is great, but life is too short to spend what is supposed to be our waking hours, in dreamland. We never know when this dreamland will become permanent, so while it’s still a part of our subconscious, spend every waking moment doing something you love, spending moments with the people you love, creating, expressing, attracting, and just living.

…and I am eternally grateful for experiencing them.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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