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My Favorite Christmas Traditions

Christmas is fast approaching and there are still dozens of tasks I would like to accomplish before then, and essentially complete before the year ends.

My family and I celebrated more traditions when I was younger, but that simply faded away as I grew up and lived away from them.

After not celebrating Christmas to its full potential, I would like to go over some of my favorite holiday traditions.

Celebrating Christmas Traditions

Send out regular and/or customized family holiday greeting cards.

Sending out greeting cards is fun. It’s a great feeling to be able to let our loved ones know that we’re thinking of them during the holiday season. Unfortunately, my mom is not a fan of having her photos taken, especially if they’re going to be sent out to others. If I have a family of my own in the future, I would love to start this tradition with them.

Watch holiday movies and drink hot chocolate.

I mean, what’s the holiday without watching at least one holiday movie? I love that throughout the years, the message of Christmas in these films never strays away from the importance of family and being together, and they’re still as magical as the ones released decades ago. My must-watch holiday film is Home Alone 1 & 2. Also, it’s a treat if we get to drink some delicious hot chocolate while doing a holiday movie binge as well.

Decorate the home and set up the Christmas tree.

There’s just something about Christmas decorations that brings a sense of serene happiness. I enjoy looking at them, especially when a house really goes full out on them. Setting up the Christmas tree had and will always be my favorite. I love putting the star at the very top. I hope to experience customizing the ornaments, and having a White Christmas someday.

Prepare a home-cooked holiday dinner.

I’ve attended holiday gatherings hosted by close family friends. I would really love to host one of my own someday. I would be excited to do the cooking, decorating, sending out invitations, and preparing an intimate time with my loved ones.

Wear matching holiday pajamas.

This is really for the fun of it. I enjoy wearing matching outfits with close friends and family in general, so I think it would be just as fun wearing matching holiday pajamas on Christmas day. We could even do a Christmas Spirit Week kind of activity, which I think would bring out a lot of laughter and memories to add to the heart and photo book.


This was a big one for me and my family. Even if we weren’t able to make it to mass, we still made time to go to our favorite church and pray at our own time of the day. I haven’t gone to holiday mass or church since the pandemic. Hopefully I can start attending again and spend some time in God’s home.


It is a lovely action to give back all year round. There’s something about Christmas that makes giving back more magical, especially after seeing the happy faces of those we help.

And I mention giving back loosely. During the holiday season, other than finances, we can choose to give our time, our knowledge, our experiences, and our no longer used items to those who would love and/or want/need them.

I love Christmas.

It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, it’s magical. Oftentimes, many of us, including myself, forget what Christmas is truly about.  In my opinion, Christmas is and never will be about presents. I believe that Christmas has been and always will be about family and spending time together.

Let's chat!

What are some Christmas / holiday traditions that you look forward to every year?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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