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My Favorite Holiday

Holiday seasons are something to look forward to each year, aren’t they?

Most of us get days off from work and school, and we get to celebrate important events in history.

When I was a kid, my favorite holiday was, of course, Christmas. Presents, family gatherings, decorating the house, and Christmas movies? Yes, please! I loved wrapping gifts for others and seeing what others gifted me.

Nowadays, I still consider Christmas my favorite holiday.

Except, materialistic gifts now hold less value as they once did. Being away from my parents for 5 years this coming Christmas season has helped me appreciate Christmas in a whole new level of love, joy, and family. Other than Christmas at my cousin’s during my first year in the states, I spent the next three by myself. It was tough, and most especially, it was lonely. All of my friends and peers at school were always able to fly home during the holidays, while I just did my best to celebrate the holiday by myself.

I know there are many others who have celebrated and are still celebrating the holidays alone, and I understand It’s not always fun or cheerful, but it’s not so bad either. 

Honestly, I feel like many people have lost the true meaning of Christmas throughout the year. Sure, the festivals, gifts, and decorations are fun, but I don’t think it was ever about who bought and received the most expensive gifts, or whose house looked as if they were from the North Pole or Santa Claus.

The holiday is to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday, but with religious factors aside, and if my memory serves me right when He was born in the manger, it was just Him, His parents, the Three Wise Men, and farm animals. When I first read His birth story, I could only imagine how peaceful it was during that night. There were no fancy decorations or magnificent gifts, except the ones that the Kings had brought them.

All they had, and all they were, was being together.

Being together with our loved ones, or with ourselves, is what I feel Christmas is truly about. It’s meant to celebrate life – the life we have for ourselves and those around us. The life that’s meant to bring balance in all worlds.

I miss my parents so. dang. much. It’s tough enough spending the rest of the year without them, but not being able to be with them during this special holiday breaks my heart even more. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t been able to just visit them…well, the main reason is that flights to and from Saipan are very expensive, and currently, it’s not exactly safe and advisable to travel.

The only gift I’ve been wanting these past 5 years for Christmas is to be with my parents.

If you’re with your family during any holiday season, do spend as much time as you can with them. Embrace the comfort of being with those you love and care for and those who love and care for you as well. Bake cookies with them, play board games, watch movies, tell stories, do your homemade photoshoot, and go out to experience your neighborhood/city’s holiday events (once it is safe to do so).

After all, all we have, and all we are, is being together.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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