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Take Care, Old Friend

Hey, old friend.

It’s been years since we

Last spoke.

I remember the day

I approached you &

Asked if I could hang out with you.

With open arms you welcomed me.

We’ve since been together inseparably.

All the times we’d go to

Each other’s houses.

Venture & take tons of photos.

The letters we’d write to each other

When we’re upset with one another.

Prank calling folks in the phone book.

Those were moments and jokes all too good.

Then, high school came.

I remembered my choice to attend

My first high school was just to still

Be close with you & everyone else

Who was in our group.

But then, I felt isolated.

Like I didn’t belong.

So, after two days, I moved

To a different school.

& it was two more years before

Our friendship just… vanished.

What was once daily chats turned

Into monthly meetings &

Yearly birthday greetings.

& now, nothing at all.

It’s like all those years seemed

To fade to nowhere.

& for years, I was lost.

I was confused.

Was it something I said to you?

Something I did?

Or didn’t do?

That made us stop being

Who we were?

Best friends.

After you, I had no one to

Call a best friend.

It’s as if that phrase was erased

From my well of words because

It seemed that whenever I’d say

That to someone new,

They’d be gone too.

& I never want to feel this

Kind of pain anymore.

You taught me to fly

Out of my comfort zone.

You helped me tune into

My creative modes.

You brought so much excitement

Into my isolated life.

We were polar opposites,

Yet, that strong bond we had

Seemed limitless.

Eventually, I found my way again.

I was lost no more.

I even figured it out.

I learned that there are those

Who aren’t meant to

Be in my life forever.

That whatever their purpose

In my journey was,

Has already been fulfilled &

It’s time to move uphill

Without you.

I’ve held on to memories

Way past their due date

When I should’ve focused on

New memories I’ll create with

The life I’ve been living.

I even question myself if it’s

You who I truly miss or the

Friendship we had since that

Made it hard for me to let go.

This is the problem with

Overthinking, no?

After so many years, it’s

Time I stop dwelling on

The friendship we once had.

It’s time I release any hope of

Closure & focus on what’s

Before me.

Focus on the people who

Are now in my life &

Have given me a new meaning

& feeling about friendship.

But before this adieu, I’d still

Like to hold my promise

To you.

A promise to cherish

The friendship we built & the moments

We shared.

A promise to guard your secrets

With care beyond my grave.

A promise that when I revisit our

Photos, I’ll reminisce and smile of

The happiness they brought to our lives.

A promise that if I do see you

Again, it’ll be a fresh start &

See you as the soul you are today,

Not the role I knew back then.


Thank you.

For the adventures we had.

For the lessons you taught.

For being my friend.

I don’t know how’s life going for

You right now, but I sincerely

Wish you all the blessings you deserve.

I hope you’re just as unique, creative,

& outgoing as you were.

I hope you’re genuinely happy.

Take care, old friend.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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