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Vulnerable Heart

I love your smile.

Your laugh.

I love the way your eyes

Glow when

You experience the world

Around you.

Tiny kisses on my neck

That make me feel wanted.

Delicate lips upon my forehead

That make me feel safe.

Your gentle embrace that

Warms up my coldest days.

I love watching you cook and

Distracting you

With my silly antics.

The attention to detail and

Gaze so intense when you’re

Focused on your passions.

Your mind’s a wonderland so full

Of surreal fantasy that fuels

The soul of your entire being.

Within your own world, I

Find you staring lovingly at me.

As if making sure I was still

With you.

I chuckle at the thought of

Walking out the door

And never coming back to you.

As far as I can tell,

Before we met,

Our souls were conspiring

With the universe to tie us together.

When you crumbled my walls,

Our souls were imprinted with forever.

I love your little messages,

“Have you eaten?” or “How’s your day?”

You’d be upset whenever I sleep

In my office than in our bed,

But you’d still sleep with

Me anyway in the end.

It’s the little things that make me

Fall for you even more.

Every day, you inspire me to be

Better than before.

You motivate me to work




You bring so much color into

My world.

Our world.

You remind me that it’s

No longer you or me.

It’s us & we.

We fight each other’s battles,

We conquer each other’s struggles,

We celebrate each other’s achievements,

We travel & explore endlessly,

We create memories,


Keep being inspired and take care always,


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