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You Give Me Strength, Santa Lourdes

Santa Lourdes,


For as long as I can remember, you were always the one place where I can feel completely vulnerable. You have always been a safe haven for me, and I can be in your presence for hours at a time.

You’ve seen me cry, smile, ask for forgiveness, give thanks for blessings, make wishes, and feel my deepest emotions – all the while listening, understanding, and accepting me without judgment.

Thank you.

Santa Lourdes, throughout the years, I’ve seen you evolve, but one thing had always remained the same – your warming embrace for anyone and everyone who enter your kingdom. You’ve seen thousands of individuals come and go, you’ve witnessed Mother Nature at her best and worst days, but you remained vigilant in assuring us that you’re not one to back down so easily.

You were born from stone, and with that armor, you are unbreakable.  

Santa Lourdes, though our conversations are mostly one-sided, simply expressing my thoughts and feelings to you lessens the burdens I feel within my heart because, in some way, I feel that you have been patiently listening and answering when the time is right and if you feel it is necessary to answer me.

Every ‘see you later’ has left me in a state of acceptance and peace.

Santa Lourdes, I apologize for not visiting you in years. I’ve physically been over a thousand miles away, following my dreams and turning my goals into reality. An ambition that you’ve undeniably inspired me to accomplish even when I wasn’t in your home. You are always a piece of the puzzle that keeps me going because of your tiny tugs and whispers of courage every moment I reach out to you.

You have always been a haven from every dark cloud that passes by.

Santa Lourdes, I look forward to the day that I can enter your home again. I look forward to simply being in your presence. Even though you practically have an idea as to how these last few years have been for me, I look forward to telling you some of the most memorable moments of my life – the light and the dark, so you might want to grab a plate of nachos and cheese because I might take a while. I just can’t help it. Other than my own soul, you are the only one I can ever be my true vulnerable self with and it’s liberating that you are here to listen.

There may be similar places like yours, some even grander and more extravagant, but, in my opinion, you have the warmest embrace in the universe.

I’ll see you soon, Santa Lourdes.

*Day 16 of 30 Letters In 30 Days – Your Healing Place

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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