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You’re Getting There, Henritz


It took a while, but we’re able to make it this far in life, huh?

As the years went on, it seems as if it’s been one challenge after another, but you overcame all of them.

And no we’re off facing another challenge – our career.

Yes, we have the blog, but those annoying self-doubts and sabotages don’t know when to mind their own business and when to just simmer down. They’re frustrating, I know.

Henritz, just remember this: you are exactly where you’re meant to be. If not, life would’ve veered you in the right direction in some way or another. I’ve seen you try to switch up your path and tackle some other things, but all of them point back to what you’re doing now.

Not many people have the opportunity to follow their dreams and make a living doing it, Henritz. And I know that you know you’re meant to stray from the path most taken.

Your constant curiosity about the world and yourself has aligned you with this journey, and your heart and soul are screaming to go out there and explore the unknown. And while you’re exploring, I know your hardships have made you determined to not allow others to go through similar ones, and I have strong faith in you that you will help the world and humanity heal.

I feel your frustrations about not seeing the results you’ve been praying for, Henritz. I understand your desire to get you and your parents into a more comfortable lifestyle where you can take care of them for all the years that they had taken care of you.

Your breakthrough is coming. I can feel it.

Promise me that before this happens, you don’t lose sight of your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Promise me that you will silence those doubts with visualizations in your head of your meaningful and blissful life, surrounded by the jovial faces of your parents.

You’ve seen yourself go deep into the ocean, but with time, patience, and perseverance, you’ve managed to swim your way back up, ready to make it all the way back to land, relying on your own strength.

This is similar, even though you’re in a much deeper part of the ocean. But once you make it out, you’ll love and appreciate the view, and most importantly, your resilience.

You’re getting there, Henritz.

All great things take time, and there will always be roadblocks along the way, but you have to keep going. Take a little detour if you must, but never go completely away from the path.

Your parents believe in you. Your close friends believe in you. I believe in you.

Now, please.

Believe in your goals, and most importantly, believe in yourself.

*Day 29 of 30 Letters In 30 Days – Your Current Self

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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