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Daffodil | Endings And Beginnings


Rebirths and new beginnings.

Inspiration, forgiveness, and creativity.

When I chose the Daffodil, I actually had no idea what its meaning or symbolism is. I chose it because of the elegance and purity of its name. When I think of Daffodils, I’m brought back to my childhood. I don’t know why considering there aren’t many daffodils on the island if any at all.


Such a beautiful flower.

With an even more beautiful symbolism.

Life has an interesting way of closing and opening doors for us. Most of the time, they happen when we least expect them to.

Maybe I chose this flower because it was a way of telling me that I’m going through a new cycle in my life.

I’m being reborn.

And everything I’ve been feeling these last couple of months has been in preparation for this new beginning.

I unconsciously feel the urge for change in my soul, and there are things going on in my life that are also leading in that direction.

I wish I can find some daffodil seeds on the island. Now that I know their meaning, I find myself wanting to be surrounded by them.

During the times when I feel like the world is weighing down on me, I can look at them and be reminded that during these moments, I’m actually entering a new cycle in my life and to keep pushing through.

PS, I’m not entirely too sure if the flower in the featured photo is a daffodil. If it isn’t, it is the closest resemblance to one that I took, and these flowers can be seen at the Golden Gate Bridge lookout spot.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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