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Rainy Days

Cocooning myself inside a warm, thick blanket on days where the clouds cover the blue sky, the winds are cool and breeze past my closed windows, and the sound of raindrops lull me to a dreamful state of relaxation? YES.

These are the kinds of rainy days I live for. Thankfully, I’ve had many of them back in Saipan, and a few of them in the States. When I experience days like these, I feel time slowing down, giving me the chance to catch up with myself and allow any pent-up emotions to release with the energy of the rain.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m naturally a water child, but when it rains, or when I’m near water in general (even in the shower), there’s this flow of energy soothing me, while at the same time giving me that renewed sense of motivation and perseverance. Just like the moon, the rain somehow knows my inner turmoil and lets me know that I am strong enough to get through harsh challenges.

I am grateful for the soothing kinds of rainy days. I enjoy being able to spend moments healing my spiritual well-being and focus on my own needs.

56 Healing Activities for Rainy Days

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