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Self-Love | Affirmations To Practice Self-Love

Life happens and sometimes, it can push us beyond our limits. Some of these limits involve how we view and feel about ourselves.

Self-love is something that is more challenging to obtain because it deals with matters of the heart of ourselves. We may often put on a different mask around others, but when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we might see something completely opposite, wouldn’t we?

I was too afraid of looking into the mirror because I feared I’d see someone I never wanted to become.

I no longer wanted to be afraid.

I no longer wanted to be so hard on myself and believe false narratives in my head that I planted myself because that’s what I’d see when I looked at myself.

It’s tough. And I still struggle with this. The negative thoughts never seem to go away, but when I need assurance and strength, I always turn to affirmations.

I discovered affirmations when I was going through a tough time with design school. I was struggling and after discovering some affirmations I found online, and what they do, I began doing them myself. Sometimes I’d say them in front of a mirror, or I’d close my eyes. After a couple of days, I began noticing subtle changes in my thinking patterns. More and more positive thoughts started coming in and I felt…lighter. I’ve used positive affirmations to help think more positively, boost my confidence, be braver, discover my passion, and heal.

What are Affirmations?

There are two types: positive and negative affirmations. Positive affirmations are, of course, the ones we should focus on. They are statements or phrases that challenge negative, unhelpful thoughts and aim to improve upon them. They are specific to our situation and work with our subconscious patterns in order to help us overcome our challenges with regard to ourselves, our passions and goals, and our relationships.

As we go through these affirmations, we choose one (or five) that calls out to us and say them out loud at least twice a day – morning and evening when we’re in a relaxed state. Saying these affirmations after waking up allows our conscious self to bring that energy with us throughout our day while saying them before bed helps the energy flow into our subconscious. If we prefer, we can also do this in front of a mirror. Doing this allows us to further envision these affirmations, making them more believable and attainable to our subconscious.

If we can’t find an affirmation we connect with, we can write personalized ones that suit us better.


Start them in the first-person point of view (i.e. “I” and “My”)

Keep them in the present tense (i.e. “I am,” “I feel,” and “I have”)

Keep them positive (i.e. “can” and “income”)

Keep them concise and specific.

Do keep in mind that affirmations work only if we are willing and ready to make positive changes in our lives.

With self-love being the final healing process I’m accepting into my life, I’d like to share some self-love affirmations that’s been helping me through this. I hope that they’ll help and empower you to love and be your authentic selves because you’re an incredible human being with light that you shine to the world.

Affirmations to Practice Self-Love

I accept myself for who I am.

I am caring and loving towards myself at all times.

I am worthy of genuine and unconditional love and compassion.

My skin glows with imperfections that make me unique.

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am a work in progress, and am learning and growing each and every day.

I respect and embrace all of my accomplishments.

My heart is full of peace and contentment.

I release the need to be in complete control of my life.

I radiate happiness, love, and positivity.

I am falling in love with my entire soul and being.

I accept what had happened in my life.

I believe in myself and my abilities.

I am a beautiful, passionate, and powerful individual.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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