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Young Emotions

When I first saw you,

I was merely a young, pre-teen girl

Who had yet to understand what

I was feeling.

In my eyes, everyone else

Vanished and all I saw

Was you.

My friends say it’s

Impossible to be with you.

You’re too mature for me.

Too experienced, they believe.

And yet I didn’t care.

I knew who I wanted &

What I wanted

Was you.

Unfortunately, you wanted someone else.

You were with someone else.

You showered her with

Your attention,

And your love.

All I could do was love you on the


You then had to leave.

Wanted to protect the country.

And I had to see you go.

You gave me a hug goodbye and

I knew it was time to let you go

From my thoughts,

And my soul.

Four years later…

You return.

I yearned to see you to

Prove that my heart no longer

Burned for yours.


The moment our eyes locked,

I felt the same feeling in my chest

That I laid to rest years ago.

And when you smiled at me,

I knew I had to run away.

So, I did.

But, not far enough until you caught up.

You told me to look at you.

I refused.

You gently put your finger beneath

My chin and tilted my head upwards.

You saw tears swell in my eyes.

And deep down knew well why they were there.

You hugged me.

I hugged you back.

We parted, but you grabbed my hand

And led me to my favorite part of the park.

We sat on a bench and for a moment,

We’re silent.

Your hand still intertwined with mine.

I look everywhere just to halt

The erratic beating in my heart.

I dreamed I wish we were like this

Every single day.

But happier & very much together.

You broke the silence with the

Clearing of your throat.

I looked at you and you already

Looking at me.

Attention turned to our

Entwined hands.

You, amused.

I, confused.

Then you said the

Words I had been

Dreaming to hear.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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