I’m swimming in a pool of gold.
Diamonds shine brightly above my head.
The room covered in luxurious silk and satin.
I have everything I need.
Everything I want.
What are those?
The world is my shopping mall.
And nothing is limited.
Everything I have,
I worked hard for.
Everything I own,
I got them with just the swipe of a card.
I am building an empire.
And no one is going to stop me.
And no one is going to stop me.
I’m trying on new clothes.
Designer clothes.
Clothes that are fit for a king.
I’m looking at myself.
The person looking back at me may be smiling;
Celebrating in victory;
Laughing at others’ misfortunes.
But when I look closer,
I see a different story.
At this moment,
It’s just us.
I see…
We have everything and anything
We have ever dreamed of.
We are making it all the way to the top.
We never needed anyone’s help
To get to where we are.
No one has bothered to tell us otherwise.
We have always been on our own.
And we've accepted that a long time ago.
And we've accepted that a long time ago.
It’s a table for one tonight.
Just as it is every night I go out.
I’m enjoying my delectable dinner,
Until I hear a man on my right side.
I look towards his direction and
See that he is an elderly man.
Old enough to be my grandfather.
His suit is similar to mine.
Smells like wealth.
He, too, is sitting alone.
With a bottle of the most expensive wine.
I notice something else though.
A ring on his left hand.
If he’s married, then where is his spouse?
Surely a man like him would want to take them out
On expensive dinner dates.
I would have.
If I were married myself.
Heck, if I were in a relationship to begin with.
His face is void of any emotions.
I watch him slowly eat his food.
Dab his mouth every once in a while.
He takes out his wallet and pulls out his credit card.
In those few seconds, I catch a glimpse of a photo.
A family photo.
It’s in perfect condition.
The man looks younger there.
How long ago was it taken?
Was it the last one ever taken of his family?
Where are they now?
Why aren’t they with him?
Why is he alone?
Why is he alone?
I untie my necktie.
And fall on my king-sized bed.
Soon, I find myself walking out of my room.
I walk the hallways and hear voices.
My housekeepers.
They sound like they’re enjoying their conversation.
I approach them.
I smile.
Once they notice me, they stop talking.
They then greet me in a professional manner.
As an employee would to their employer.
They continue on with their work in quick silence.
I frown.
And turn the other way.
What did I do wrong?
I walk down my golden spiral staircase.
Once I make it to my foyer, I stop.
I look all around me.
I have all of these things and they make me happy.
Do they make me happy?
Do they make me happy?
I may have everything I want.
And need.
But is having all of these enough?
My family and friends.
What happened to them?
What are they up to now?
Do they still care about me?
Everything that I have now means nothing.
Not when I end up losing those who mean everything.
Not when I end up losing those who mean everything.
Empty boxes cover my floor.
Hours pass, and
One by one,
They become filled to the top.
What I used to admire are now things
I can’t wait to no longer see.
I use this moment to ponder
What I saw in them
To make me blind towards
The ones that are priceless.
Because as I fill up the last box,
I find my heart swelling with freedom.
I find my heart swelling with freedom.
I’m swimming in a pool of happiness.
The sun glows brightly above my head.
The room is occupied by my friends and family.
I have everything I need.
Everyone I love.
They do not come with price tags
Because they give me the most abundance.
Everything I have,
I am extremely blessed.
Everything I own,
I am forever grateful.
I have built my empire.
And I will share it with the world.
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