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November Writing Challenge | Endings And Beginnings

It feels like only yesterday that I was writing letters to people, and here we are again with another writing challenge prompt.

And honestly, since I’ve mostly been focused on travel content, it feels great writing something as casual as this again…like the good old days.

That’s why I decided to do this year’s writing challenge theme similar to the very first writing challenge I ever participated in, while, of course, incorporating something different.

Similar to my first challenge, I’m only providing one word or phrase, and it is up to all participating individuals to answer the topic in any way they understand it or want to answer it.

When it came to the topics, I struggled to figure out what I would find enjoyable to write about, especially if I considered my current thoughts and feelings.

I initially wanted to go on a completely new route, but after a while of putting together the topics, my headspace was not too enthusiastic about it, and my soul was already letting me know it didn’t feel content.

Eventually, I began jotting down things on my mind and shortened them to one-word or –phrase topics. I then decided that I didn’t want the topics to be all around the place, so I took similar words and phrases and began thinking about what I could connect them to.

I remembered we are in the Autumn season. This is the season I often associate with letting go of what is no longer serving us and being able to start new chapters in our lives. That it’s okay to start all over again.

Just like the trees, this season we are releasing old wounds, habits, and people so that we may make room for more growth, love, and peace.

My 2022 Writing Challenge theme is "Endings and Beginnings".

It’s okay to let go of who you were, the pain you’ve been holding on to, and the people who make you feel less than peaceful.

The strength for new beginnings is within us, and one way to reach them is to first, accept that you need to release some things, and second, release them.

It’s easier said than done, and it’s perfectly fine to take baby steps. Keep taking these baby steps, and you might start to notice that the weight in your heart and soul has gotten lighter and you feel a bounce in your steps.

This is your life – make it a well-lived one.

Endings and Beginnings Writing Prompts

DAY 1 | Love

DAY 2 | Moonlight

DAY 3 | Forbidden

DAY 4 | Butterflies

DAY 5 | Fear

DAY 6 | Yellow Flag

DAY 7 | Lost

DAY 8 | Guilt

DAY 9 | It’s Okay

DAY 10 | Things I Wish I Could Say

DAY 11 | Breathe

DAY 12 | Ghosted

DAY 13 | Broken

DAY 14 | Conquer

DAY 15 | Daffodil

DAY 16 | Innocence

DAY 17 | Anxiety

DAY 18 | Now

DAY 19 | Hugs

DAY 20 | Disguise

DAY 21 | Smile

DAY 22 | Oops

DAY 23 | Intuition

DAY 24 | Lonely

DAY 25 | Infinity

DAY 26 | Surrender

DAY 27 | The Hardest Part

DAY 28 | Sunshine

DAY 29 | Passion

DAY 30 | Ever After

If you participate in the challenge, please tag me on my social media (@hihenpal) as I would love to read your responses.

If you would like to participate in other writing challenges, check out my ‘Templates’ page for more writing prompts.

Happy writing!

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