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30-Day Writing Challenge

I have always wanted to try and tackle the 30-Day Writing Challenge for years, and now I finally have the opportunity to do it. I’m so nervous but excited.

Nowhere am I near perfect with writing. I have my moments of writer’s block and frustration. I’m still learning the proper linguistics, tones, and messages I’d love my readers to capture and be inspired by.

But writing, especially creative writing, has been something I was drawn to since I was a kid. It was a simple hobby of mine where I got to escape the walls of reality and entered my own closet to Narnia. Little did I know that as I grew up and was hit with anxiety, depression, and endless jumbled-up thoughts, writing also became a way for me to peacefully heal, meditate, and release the heavy burdens on my shoulders.

Every day, my love for writing grows stronger and dives deeper, as corny as it sounds.

With this passion, I wanted to create my own prompts for the writing challenge. I originally centered the list around my personal experiences as November is my birth month, and I felt it would be nostalgic and quite healing to write about some memories – good and bad. Also, to essentially have my final goodbye to the person I once was and say hello to the person I aim to be.

I felt it would be nice to have others join in on the 30-day writing challenge, so I’d like to share my list and anyone who’d like to participate can do so. I did change some of my original prompt titles in order to tailor a wider range of audiences. Some topics aren’t as direct as others and that’s because I wanted to leave them up to your interpretation and what you’d like to write about regarding such topics. Also, 14 is my favorite number, hence the number 14 repeating throughout the list.

I hope to see your responses in November!

30-Day Writing Challenge Prompts

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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